"Create thinkers, create practitioners Create researcher Develop engineering, architecture, technology, and logistics Bringing knowledge to society "


"Determined to create people with academic knowledge and determination to create practitioners Build quality researchers Commitment to academic services to the community A good person with morality and ethics, can rely on and guide society "


“Is a leader in production engineers Architects, practitioners, qualified researchers and technology expertise Have morality, ethics, care for society to meet the needs of the nation “


1. Educational management and production graduates operating in engineering, architecture and technology design. Quality according to international standards

2. Create research work, inventions in response to community and social development.

3. Providing academic services to society And participate in strong community development

4. Promoting, disseminating and promoting arts and culture And conserve the environment

5. Management based on good governance

6. Develop the faculty according to the sufficiency economy philosophy


  1. To produce graduates in operation, have patience, fight against academic tasks, have morality and quality, and have expertise in a variety of technologies. Is accepted by graduate users
  2. To provide academic services to the community regarding construction, design, technology with quality and suitable
  3. To have connection with business and industry sectors to create knowledge and systematically apply knowledge
  4. To maintain Preserve and preserve Thai arts and culture.
  5. To have good physical and environment. Supports opening many new courses And effective
  6. To manage according to the principles of good governance